Change the way you drive your business

All your relevant business information within a single dashboard allowing faster and better decision making. Comandi provides management information for entrepreneurs, accountants and advisors.

Focus on improving results

Comandi provides management information for entrepreneurs and advisors.
More insights allow for more focus on improving results.
Thanks to Comandi you can conduct and steer your business from your very own cockpit!

  • Up-to-date insight at a single glance
  • Connections with your accounting software, Excel, Google Analytics and more
  • Work with budgets, your own KPIs, benchmarking and alerting
  • Special options for accounting firms

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Monitoring of KPIs

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API calls every 24 hours

Real time data for online reporting

Do you want to report data from your accounting program, Excel, Google Analytics and more. No problem! With Comandi you get one dashboard with all relevant information.

All connections

All your financial and operational data in a single dashboard

Replace complicated and error-prone spreadsheets. All relevant management information with a single dashboard with specific KPIs, personal reports, and more.

Summary of all features

Innovative accountants focus on the figures!

We focus on data analysis and advice triggers. For example, extensive benchmarking, alerting and scenario analysis with what-ifs to realise visual forecasts and budgets. This makes things comprehensible for customers, giving you more time to offer proactive value to entrepreneurs.

Comandi for accountants

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